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GCafe Professional


GCafe Professional is a game updater system excellent for Computer Shop business. The system is installed at the client side where the customer can choose his preferences like, internet surfing or LAN/Online Games.


GCafe Pro is basically made for updating online games such as Battle of Immortals, Special Force, Crossfire, Audition, Ran Online and etc. The burden to update each client/workstation really takes time; gamers have to wait for the game updates (or the so called "patch") to be installed. Usually Game Providers update their games once, twice or even three times a week. Just imagine if 5 online games starts to update in one day, what will happen to your shop?


No more manual game patching, no more business down time to update games. All games in your PCs are updated with the latest patch at all times.

How much does GCafe Pro cost?

GCafe Pro is a monthly subscription made for our valued customers. You may avail  longer subscriptions to get a better discounts and lesser worries on your cafes. Look at our price table and decide which package you'd like to avail:


How does GCafe Pro works?

GCafe Pro requires a server PC that has a LAN communication. Here are the step by step procedure to help you in GCafe Pro:

1. You just have to install the GCafe Pro Management system to your server and clients/workstations,

2. Install/Copy the needed LAN or Online games available from the I.D.C (Information Data Center) and even messengers to your Server,

3. Then “PUSH” (copies the contents of your server to the clients) these means no need to install in each of your clients/workstations.

The Information Data Center (IDC) found on your GCafe Pro Management System “server side” is the one who updates/patches all of the ONLINE Games.

What if there’s a new game/s?

GCafe Pro has a dedicated personnel to check these new and latest games. Once there's a new game/s, GCafe Pro in-charged personnel will update these games and upload it at our Information Data Center(IDC) for all our clients.

All you have to do is look for the game/s in your IDC list, download it and push it. :)

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