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GCafe Update


GCafe Update is the most advanced cybercafé management solution in the Philippines. Unlike any other cybercafé solutions, the system is equipped with an Information Data Center or IDC – a centralized database server for all Online Games in the Philippines.

GCafe Update boasts of its five exceptional features that will further improve managing your cybercafé business.

Automated Game Updater is something new to the cybercafé industry in the Philippines. This one of a kind feature automatically synchronizes your game folders with the game folders in our IDC Server. Avoid the trouble of searching for updates one by one, and do it simultaneously with GCafe Update.

Enjoy the convenience of transferring “.exe” files, such as manual game patches, program files and more with GCafe Update’s Push Function.

Know more about the latest and top grossing games in the Philippines to improve your cybercafé’s game list with our Game Library Collection in our Information Data Center. With GCafe Update, you will have Access to All Games.

Want to get rid of the viruses and other temporary files? Enable GCafe Update’s restore function and it will restore the PC clients to its normal condition upon restarting the computer. The system’s Ultimate PC Protection removes the viruses and not the updates.

Unlike other cybercafé management solutions, our support does not stop with the selling of our product. We hire only the best Professional Technical Support to provide you instant solution to your cybercafé problems. If you think it is not enough, we can schedule onsite support to assist you.

How much does GCafe Update cost?

GCafe Update is a monthly subscription made for our valued customers. You may avail  longer subscriptions to get a better discounts and lesser worries on your cafes. Look at our price table and decide which package you'd like to avail:


How to add LAN Games or Games with Private Server?

Here are the steps:

1) Open GCafe Professional  Server Control Panel

2) Go to Play Game

3) Right Click at any game

4) Click Add Game

5) Browse the Game Directory on Storage Path

6) Browse the ".exe" file  (the file used to open the application)

7) Copy the Storage Path then Paste it on the Client Path Textbox

8) Choose the Type of game on the System Type (LAN or Online Game)

9) Hit Confirm

I do not see the game icon in the Game Menu, How do I fix this?

Simply go to Ungroup Clients, and then drag the icon into Default Group.

How do I Enable or Disable the Restore Function?

Here are the steps:

1) Open GCafe Professional Server Control Panel

2) Click Manage Client, located on the lower portion of the Application

3) Hit the Right Click button, then select either Enable or Disable Restore

Some of my PC Clients are not connected, How do I fix this?

The possible issues are: Firewall restrictions, Number of Clients Exceeded, or Server IP Address Issues.

Firewall Restrictions:

1) Press Start

2) Go to Control Panel

3) Select Windows Firewall

4) Turn Off the Firewall

Number of Client Exceeded:

1) Open GCafe Professional Server Control Panel

2) Active Machines should be less than or equal to Cafe Size

3) If not, Go to Manage Client and then remove the exceeding PC Client

Server IP Address Issues:

For this issue we strongly recommend you to call our Professional Technical Support, because the fix varies from one IP Address to another.

By calling the Professional Technical Support, we can avoid the risks of losing Internet access or other connectivity issues. Better safe than sorry!

What if there’s a new game/s?

GCafe Pro has a dedicated personnel to check these new and latest games. Once there's a new game/s, GCafe Pro in-charged personnel will update these games and upload it at our Information Data Center(IDC) for all our clients.

All you have to do is look for the game/s in your IDC list, download it and push it.

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